Last Chaos: SP farming guide(4/30/2009)

Apr 30, 2009 10:56:52

So many players asked what is SP farming in Last Chaos, SP Farming is also Skill Point Farming. You will find that when you kill a monster, you get experience points and skill experience points (also called skill points or sp too). When you get so many experience points you advance a level. You will notice that if you want to get any general, passive, or special (crafting) skills, you need skill points to get them.

So you will find that it is easier to get sp at a lower level then a higher one. Example, at level 29(Last Chao powerleveling, Last Chaos gold)if I kill a Level 29 Orc Sergeant I will get 5500 sp. If I go outside the Temple and kill another level level 29 monster, I would get 1100 sp. Hmmm, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know where to get my sp from.

Now in the Velpist Temple in Randol you get 3300 sp and the Prokion Temple in Dratan you get 5500 sp for killing a monster at your level. So what I will do is sp farm. I will go to the temple and kill monsters my level to get the 5500 sp. Now here is the trick of sp farming.

I will start off killing monsters in the Velpist Temple and advance in level of monsters as I go. They start off at level 10. Remember at Level 10, Level 11, and Level 12 I will make sure I have the necessary armor, 5 levels above me on. So when I make Level 10, I can now wear Level 15 armor. Anyway, you precede killing monsters. Now at about Level 15, or even earlier if you have good armor and you have learned quick, you can go to the Prokion Temple to start on the Level 17 ghouls there.

It is easy as they are usually located at the entrance to the halls inside. You can try to kill one then if you get hit too much, retreat to the middle hall and recover hit points. Remember not to die, because at level 11 and above you start to lose experience and skill points when you die. You first lose 5% experience points at first, but that is not much as monsters are easy to kill.

Now once you are in the Temple killing you have to decide at what level you want to "Lock your xp." You have to be in a guild that is level 6 or above that the GM of the guild can lock you experience points. What you are doing is donating your experience points to the guild. For every 10,000 experience points donated, the guild gets 1 guild point. Guild points are needed when the guild is level 6 or higher to level the guild, get a new level of membership (100 members is maximum at the moment), or to put out the guild notice. By "locking" your experience, you will not level. In the good, ole days you had to kill yourself so you would not level. You want to stay at the same level as the monster so you can get the maximum sp points. Again, with your xp locked, you can not kill monsters at the same level you want and get the xp and now worry about leveling out of their range.

Anyway here is an example. But you can lock your xp at any level from level 17 to level 29. Here is what I did. I leveled in the Prokion Temple till I was level 29. DO NOT SP farm on Orcs, as they are not the many to begin with. But again, no guide to tell me so.

The Orc Sergeants are Level 29 and at level 29 i can use the next higher weapon a level 33 weapon. When monsters are your level, you usually find them easier to kill. I would go to the 2d floor of the Temple located at the other end of the teleporter inside the entrance. Anyway, after navigating the Temple to reach the 2d level floor, I would go around the square there and kill Orc Sergeants and Orc Axemen. It is a good idea to have some kind of sp items that boost your sp when you kill.

Example, using an effort scroll, you will get 150% sp for 10 minutes. I was using a Platinum super skill pill (pssp), a psp (platinum skill pill, also called platinum training book too. I always got confused as the two names were used. The platinum skill pill has the 50% boost and the other one, skill pill is only a 15% boost). I equipped the skill point booster (spb) before stating to kill the Orc Sergeant. The PSSP, the training pill last an hour now. Killing an Orc Sergeant with the 3 sp items, i would get 69k of sp. This would translate to about 6.9 sp in my stats per kill.

Now if I used the other sp training pill of 50%, my max sp was 77k or 7.7 sp in my stats. The 50% pill was way too expensive compared to the sp it gave compared to the the other pill of only 15%. But remember, I was in a SOLO PARTY too. Do not go into a combat party using these sp items as you will find they are wasted.

As of April 09, gold prices on the spb and pssp were extremely high

That is why I suggested to make a pet trainer first as you may get gold on drops and eventually sell a low level pet for gold to buy these items from the various players. I was able to buy ap to get these items. Anyway, while sp farming you slowly also get your passive skills maxed first, then general skills also. I suggest to get all crafting skills maxed too. Also make sure you are ALWAYS in a solo party. If not, then you will notice one time you get 5500 sp then the next it is 5190 sp. The xp and sp will go up and down. The solo party gives you the maximum xp and sp for the monster you kill.

You will count all the sp you need to get all your skills now. For a knight it is about 11k sp. So if you were to get about 11k sp then you must also have either sp restoration scrolls or resurrection scrolls. When you finish the Temple after reaching your quota of sp, you need to buy either scroll so when you die, you WILL NOT lose sp. SP is harder to get back then xp. So you somehow have to figure out how to buy these scrolls. Start buying the Resurrection scrolls, before you even start SP farming if you can. Plan ahead.

Well, you could level up by following this guide, if you have more info, plz feel free to post here. Good farming!

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